Wedding Reception Charity Kiss Game: Table Tent Template

Offbeat Empire LLC
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If you HATE the glass-clinking-kissing tradition at wedding receptions, where people clink their glasses to make the couple kiss, we've got a great alternative for you.

Instead of having guests clink their glasses just to get the couples to kiss, with this game, guests get the couple to kiss by donating to a charity. If you want to use your wedding to support a cause that care about, this is a great low-pressure but high-fun factor way to raise some cash.

This download includes an editable table tent for your wedding reception that reads:

Want the bride and groom to kiss?
Clinking won't do!
What we'd like is a donation from you!

The template then has a spot for you to add the logo for your charity of choice.

I want this!

A PDF that includes a link to the fully editable file on Canva.

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