Offbeat Wed's Guide to Inclusive Marketing for Wedding Vendors

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Wake up, wedding pros. The world is changing. It’s becoming a more accepting, equitable, and accessible place. And the wedding industry? We’re falling behind. We say we’re inclusive, yet our habits are screaming “you’re not welcome here” to clients who aren’t young, thin, abled, wealthy, straight, Christian, cisgender, monogamous, and white. It’s time for a change.

Let industry-leader Offbeat Wed show you how. 

We've been at the forefront of inclusive wedding media since 2006, reaching over 70 million readers, and working closely with thousands of wedding vendors worldwide. In 2023, we were featured in the New York Times in an article about how to find inclusive wedding vendors.

This is all to say: we know our stuff.

In this thorough, 42-page guide, we’ll cover the entire customer journey — from marketing to service provision, to the sales funnel after the wedding day has come and gone — teaching you how to make your wedding business more inclusive each step of the way. 

The guide covers hot topics such as:

✔️ Why diversity doesn't mean what you think it means

✔️ Why diversity isn't just about inclusive language and images

✔️ Why a diversity badge or inclusion statement might hurt your business more than it helps

✔️ How assumptions about your clients can hurt your bottom line

✔️ How to avoid accusations of tokenism with your styled shoots

✔️ Tips for making your contracts more inclusive

✔️ How to utilize social proof from existing clients to get even MORE diverse clientele

Ready to rock your marketing?

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Offbeat Wed's Guide to Inclusive Marketing for Wedding Vendors

2 ratings
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