Offbeat Wed's Planning Binder: Spreadsheets + Checklist

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Offbeat Wed's Planning Binder includes 10 powerful spreadsheets…

💗 Wedding Day-of Timeline: where to be and when

💗 Wedding Guest List: who will be there and what will they require

💗 Wedding Budget Calculator: how much will all this stuff cost?!

💗 Hotel Block Comparison: Manage your hotel blocks and compare features and pricing

💗 Comprehensive Venue Comparison: all the details to decide on the all-important venue

💗 Wedding Seating Chart: who to lift and separate

💗 Wedding Vendor Contacts: a list to pass off to those in the know

💗 A Who to Call List: the actual people in the know!

💗 Wedding Packing List: what stuff to bring and who's bringing it

💗 Photography Shot List: what photos you'll want to remember the day

✅ BONUS: we'll also include our famously inclusive OFFBEAT WEDDING PLANNING CHECKLIST, the ultimate checklist for nontraditional folks planning weird weddings. Newly updated, and used by 100k+ couples since 2007!

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Offbeat Wed's Planning Binder: Spreadsheets + Checklist

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Offbeat Wed's Planning Binder: Spreadsheets + Checklist

19 ratings
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