Offbeat Wed Officiant Pack: Guidebook & Ceremony Templates

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...So, you’re officiating a wedding!

How awesome for you! If you started the process of researching how to officiate a wedding ceremony and quickly felt overwhelmed, don’t worry. We're here for you! From the secular to the molecular, handfastings to unity ceremonies, we've seen 'em all, and we're ready to help you write and officiate a unique wedding ceremony...

Alternative weddings industry leader Offbeat Wed teamed up with Life-Cycle Celebrant Jessie Blum to create this super-thorough informational packet for officiants.

Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride) launched in late 2006 and has published 7000+ articles about alternative weddings. We're especially well known for our wide-ranging guidance on wedding ceremonies.

We've created this packet to help you craft the perfect wedding ceremony...

Offbeat Officiant Guidebook (47-page PDF)

  • Detailed guidance on how to officiate a wedding, from basic ritual theory, to ceremony structure, to how to write the script
  • Advice on the random stuff that often falls to officiants like figuring out the order of the processional, and how to run a wedding rehearsal
  • TONS of ritual ideas, complete with props and wording templates (including family rituals for second weddings)
  • Inclusivity DOs and DONTs: how to make sure everyone at the wedding feels welcomed and included
  • Vow-writing resources, including dozens of gender-neutral sample vows, ring exchange wording, and nontraditional alternatives to "the asking" part of the ceremony where folks say "I do"

Offbeat Wedding Scripts & Templates (104-page .docx)

  • 15 gender-neutral wedding scripts and templates, ready for you to customize with personalized information, or use as a base for completely writing your own ceremonies from scratch. 
  • Easily edit in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or your favorite text editing app. Just do a find-and-replace to drop in your couple's names, and you're good to go! (You wouldn't believe how many officiants copy scripts off the internet, and accidentally say the wrong couple's names!)
  • Bonus: ring exchange templates and wording!

Offbeat Wed’s Couple’s Questionnaire (16-page PDF)

  • Printable ceremony questionnaire to share with couples to help you collect valuable information and great stories to include in your ceremony script. 

Offbeat Wed’s Vow Writing Worksheet (29-page PDF)

  • Printable "mad libs" style worksheet for couples, helping them write their own deeply personal wedding vows.

Whether you're a pro officiant who wants to up their game, or you've been tapped to officiate a friend or family member's wedding ceremony and you have no idea where to start, we're here to hold your hand and help you learn how to officiate a wedding ceremony with heart, depth, and humor...


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Almost 200 pages, including guidebook, editable scripts & templates, plus 2 printable worksheets for couples!

Offbeat Officiant Guidebook
47 pages (PDF)
Offbeat Wedding Scripts & Templates
104 pages (editable .docx)
Printable Vow Writing Workbook for Couples
29 pages (PDF)
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Offbeat Wed Officiant Pack: Guidebook & Ceremony Templates

4 ratings
I want this!